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Mark C. Anderson


1967 BSChE Magna cum Laude, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi honor societies, ACS medal, Outstanding Student award
1967-68 Chevron Fellowship, PhD program in ChE, Stanford University
Additional Courses in Plant Management, Project Management, Accounting


2002 Co-founded ThioSolv, LLC to develop and license technology for:
  • sulfur recovery from refinery streams
  • reduction of acid consumption in sulfuric acid alkylation units
Designed bench and pilot plant tests for process development One patent issued, one pending
2002-6/2003 Contract engineer.
  • Selected technology and directed process design for low sulfur fuels projects for Coastal Eagle Point refinery
  • Evaluated chemical suppliers for Division
  • Performed troubleshooting for Refining in areas of vacuum distillation, coking, startup.
2001-2002 Director of Operations Support, Houston. Technical advisor to Sr. VP of Refining and Chemicals
  • troubleshooting, identifying and sharing of best practices throughout division.
  • Evaluated chemical plant PSM compliance
  • Developed ATS sulfur recovery process
1996-2001 VP of Technology, Coastal Chemical Division, Houston. Managed Coastal Catalyst and Chemical Company in development and international marketing of technology for rejuvenation of FCC catalyst, design and construction of demonstration plant at Eagle Point refinery.
Technical advisor to Sr. VP of Chemical Division
  • Inspected and coordinated plant preparations for Y2K
  • Responsible for technology selection, optimization and troubleshooting of plants producing paraxylene, nitrogen-based chemicals, and MTBE.
  • Led team to evaluate business opportunities in China.
  • Conducted capacity increase, water reduction programs in chemical plants
  • Provided technical support to chemical plants
1992-1996 VP and General Manager, Coastal Eagle Point Refinery, New Jersey
  • Implemented PSM, ISO 9000 certification, MPAC maintenance management system
  • Expanded preventative maintenance. Achieved major improvement in equipment reliability, reduced unscheduled shutdowns.
  • Designed and initiated low cost projects to debottleneck crude capacity from 110 to 135 kbpd, increase production of jet fuel, and revamp existing spare equipment to produce toluene and xylene from aromatics extraction unit.
1990-1992 Hydroprocessing Complex Manager, Valero Refining Company, Corpus Christi, TX.
  • Managed operations and maintenance of crude and vacuum distillation, resid desalting, hydrogen production, resid hydrotreater.
  • Managed staffing, training, checkout, startup, and operation of $280M hydrocracker/ CCR reformer complex.
  • Instituted numerous improvements in process control, hydrogen production, gas compression, water conservation, chemical treating, and operator training.
  • Initiated project to adapt existing equipment to begin producing premium value chemical feedstock and jet fuel at no increase in operating cost.
1984-1990 Refinery Manager, Trifinery, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Member of team designing a unique process in which one set of equipment could be operated as atmospheric or vacuum distillation or as a visbreaker.
  • Conducted permitting, staffing, training, startup, and operation of grassroots plant.
  • Designed and implemented PC-based systems for yield accounting, inventory management, asphalt blending.
  • Invented method to compensate tank gauges for thermal growth of tank.
  • Designed and installed novel tower internals and control schemes to produce on-spec marine diesel and increase yield of VGO from atmospheric resid.
1982-1984 Plant Manager, Airco Carbon needle coke plant, Seadrift, TX
  • Owner site rep during construction of $125M grassroots facility to produce needle coke by a novel licensed process.
  • Conducted staffing, training, startup, correction of design flaws in water treatment, coking, coke cutting and handling, and calcining.
1979-1980 Refinery Manager, Gulf States Oil and Refining, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Oversaw construction of 30 kbpd grassroots crude topping refinery.
  • Conducted permitting, staffing, training, startup, and operation of the refinery.
  • Developed and implemented systems for yield accounting, crude evaluation, construction management, purchasing.
  • Following startup of the refinery, managed design and construction of 20 kbpd vacuum distillation unit and new tank farm. Vacuum unit started up in 12 hours, 7 months after project authorization, under budget.
  • Qualified Refinery for DOD contracts to produce JP-4, JP-5, and DFM.
1977-1978 Manager of Petrochemical Process Development, UOP, Des Plaines, IL
  • Managed groups of engineers in the development of new processes and catalysts for production of petrochemicals and for enzymatic conversions.
  • Introduced process controls and methods for operation of pilot plants and data analysis to eliminate sources of data noise and allow unprecedented inferences from pilot tests.
1968-1977 Startup Advisor, Chief Startup Advisor, Process Coordinator for Petrochemical processes, UOP
Conducted checkout, operator training, startup of UOP-designed petrochemical units worldwide. As Startup Advisor, assisted in startups in Iran and Europe, including two first-of-a-kind units. As Chief Startup Advisor, started up world's-first units in Spain and Italy. Trained client personnel in Spanish, German, and Italian. As Petrochemical Process Coordinator, monitored and supplied technical support and troubleshooting for UOP engineering and marketing and client petrochemical units worldwide.


PAT. NO. Title
6,534,030 Process for producing ammonium thiosulfate
6,277,311 Method of forming flowable urea having low biuret content
4,225,562 Multi-bed catalytic reactor
4,184,943 Fractionation in an adsorptive hydrocarbon separation process
4,167,475 Fractionation process, control system and apparatus
4,133,842 Production and recovery of linear mono-olefins
4,128,593 Production and recovery of para-cymene
4,118,429 Production and recovery of para-xylene

Patent pending in reducing consumption of sulfuric acid in alkylation.


Separations: liquid/liquid extraction, extractive distillation, selective adsorption, distillation, desalting
Aromatics: BTX, pX, oX, cumene; isomerization, transalkylation, disproportionation
Process control: distillation, heat transfer
Refinery Processes: alkylation, coking, coke cutting, sulfur recovery, water economy
Nitrogen chemicals: ammonia, urea debottlenecking
Troubleshooting and Root cause analysis
Training of operations and technical personnel