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Why ATS?

Over the past few decades, there has been a beneficial and successful large-scale push to eliminate acid rain. This has saved lots of areas from the eroding effects of acid rain on infrastructure caused by the burning of H2S and sulfur.

Source: NAPD & EPA

A fascinating downside of this campaign has been a notable decrease of sulfur in the soil — of which many crops need to effectively take up nitrogen. As the depletion of sulfur in the soil continues, plants are turning up less healthy due to their inability to fully utilize the nitrogen because of a lack of sulfur.

ATS is an effective way to put both sulfur and nitrogen in the soil for your plants. The benefit of effective and slow-release nitrogen absorption means your fertilizer will go farther as well. If you haven’t considered ATS, we highly recommend trying out our product — organic or inorganic — today!

Benefits of ATS

  • Slow-release nitrogen
  • Higher nitrogen retainment and absorption
  • Easier phosphorous absorption
  • Mixes great with liquid fertilizers
  • More sulfur than AMS
  • Provides the increasingly important micronutrient — sulfur
  • 100% of the sulfur is available to the plant

ATS & Emissions

Several countries, which include The Netherlands and possibly Canada are taking steps to significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen used for farming… including fertilizer. ATS will allow your nitrogen to go farther than if applied alone. Another benefit is noticeably less nitrogen getting back into the environment.